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Marketing that actually works

custom websites that convert like magic

A new website means nothing if it doesn't lead to growth.

Most money spent on marketing goes to waste.

Designers build pretty websites that don't convert visitors into customers. Agencies charge $50k/yr without slowing down to clarify your goals and build a smart strategy. Coaches and consultants are helpful, but what's the use if you don't have the time or the team to do what they advise?

Not to worry – I won't put you through any of the usual pain.

From local nonprofits to Fortune 500 corporations, our focus stays the same – helping clients like you use the internet to achieve their goals, stress-free. Reach out and let's get started on achieving yours.

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"Working with Dylan was the smartest decision we've made in years."

"Dylan's gift is helping businesses communicate clearly, which translates directly into growth. He has helped multiple organizations, including my private equity firm and our portfolio companies, to market effectively. Even the simplest changes he recommends lead to massive improvements."

john hornsby

CEO @ syntax, a private equity firm

"After seeing my website for the first time, I was blown away. Dylan extracted and simplified what I had been struggling to name in my business for years. Working with Dylan was such an enjoyable and seamless process, and my referrals have doubled since hiring him."

sarah aughtman

founder @ become yourself counseling

"Working with Dylan was the smartest decision we've made in years. Our sales have increased tremendously now that we are communicating a clear message about our business. Dylan listened to our needs and gave us the perfect solution. We are so proud of our new image."

kay reed

founder @ everything iz

"Dylan listens. Then he molds your message and mission into a website that works. His expertise enabled Liberty Mountain Pediatrics to reach patients in a professional, yet personal and efficient manner. I recommend Dylan Spencer."

dr. anne byars

founder @ liberty mountain pediatrics

"Dylan took our nonprofit to the next level with his creative ideas and insight. He made our site fun and easy to navigate. Visitors now are drawn in and instantly understand our mission, culture, and vision. Dylan exceeded our expectations and I recommend him to anyone."

doug brown

executive director @ trips for kids

"Dylan is legit. Also smart and humble."

patrick comer

founder/CEO @ lucid


"The success of our brand relaunch is in good part due to Dylan's work. I can't recommend him enough."

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"As a studio, we maintain a certain culture of effectiveness and flexibility. Dylan slotted right into that, helping us push to where we want to be."

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direct communications

A strategic communications firm dedicated to helping their clients win.

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local distancing

"This really struck a chord in the community. Over 4k visitors the first week."

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"I asked for Dylan's best-work-ever, and oh man did I get it. Our new site is a game changer."

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catapult engineering academy

A great resource for engineering hopefuls needed a great website.

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"Dylan, you get us – and it means the world! We love our new website."

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nashville anti-human trafficking coalition

A new website and brand to save lives and inspire hope in trafficking victims.

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What I Do

I help companies harness the internet to grow. No matter what work I do, I...

focus on achieving your goals

make your life as easy as possible

prioritize beauty and utility

have honest conversations

customize the process

utilize proven best practices

aim to 10x your investment

never say "per my last email"


Let's take the guesswork out of growing your organization. Before we do anything, we will build a strategy to build a better future for your company.

opportunity assessment

analytics and research

storybrand framework

technology planning

marketing made simple

launch strategy

done-in-a-day sessions

growth strategy


Your website is the bread-and-butter, where the magic happens, and the other clichés. Let's build a world-class website that will have massive impact.

convert visitors into customers

dependable (99.99%+ uptime)

be proud to show off your website

highest security available

totally custom, no templates

never worry about broken plugins

incredibly simple to update

storybrand/MMS compliant

Sales Funnels

You can have a beautiful, high-converting website but still lack the most important piece – traffic. No traffic, no customers. Your sales funnel will fix that.

social media marketing

online review optimization

google and ppc advertising

lead generator creation

content marketing

email marketing campaigns

search engine optimization

storybrand/MMS compliant


Marketing (aka, your sales funnel) exists to help people buy your product. Branding is how people feel once they find you. Let's make 'em feel good.

creative direction

longterm growth strategy

content production


brand guide


market research

logos, colors, typefaces

Let's get started.


Ready to do six months of marketing in a few hours? That's done-in-a-day. There's no better catalyst for growth.
From $750 to $7.5k*

get your messaging and strategy right

clarify the next steps for growth

in-person or zoom session(s)

seriously, it's six months of work in hours

reach out to get started

A La Carte

Choose your own adventure! But really, we'll choose your adventure together to fit your budget and goals.
From $7.5k+*

customized plan built for you

mix-and-match necessary services

optimized to achieve your goals

reach out for a free assessment

reach out to get started
Q: What is your pricing, and is it flexible to my budget?*

Simple answer: my prices typically range from $750 for a zoom consulting session, to $7.5k for a full-day in-person strategy session, to $7.5k+ for a website, and upwards of $20k for a full sales funnel.

Complex answer: I'm flexible. Have something awesome to work on, but a smaller budget? Reach out! It won't hurt to ask, and I'm always happy to help any way I can.

Dylan is a Storybrand Certified Guide, Designer, and Web Developer.

Utilizing the Storybrand and Marketing Made Simple Framework in your marketing is the most effective way to grow your business. The framework works for every company regardless of size, industry, or stage. Dylan is a Storybrand Certified Guide, so he is one of a handful of web developers across the world who can take your company through the framework.

I am a Storybrand Certified Guide, Designer, and Web Developer. I founded DS&Co in 2018 to meet the needs of my consulting clients who kept saying, "we wish you would just do this for us."

From 2014 to 2016 I served as Chief of Staff at Lucid, a high-growth tech startup in New Orleans that now employs over 400 people. During that time I was a Fellow with Venture for America. After Lucid, I served as the Chief Operating Officer at Legacy School of Discipleship, a Christian ministry for college students and young adults on Lake Martin. From 2018 to 2020 I worked regularly with Syntax SDG, a Birmingham-based boutique private equity firm.

I'm an active alumnus of Venture for America. I also serve on the Board of Directors for Legacy School of Discipleship and HoneyWord, two previous DS&Co clients. I love Auburn University, where I was a Presidential Scholar and played four years of varsity basketball for the Tigers. I live with my wife Sarah and our dog Wendell in Homewood, AL. Find me on LinkedIn here.

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